Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Britney Spears - Circus


Britney Spears is back in a big way with her new album Circus. The album features some songs that are sure to get played often. The popular song "Womanizer" is a strong song along with the title track "Circus". Other songs I like are "Kill the Lights", "Shattered Glass", "If U Seek Amy", "Mannequin", and "Lace and Leather". "Radar" is also here; a song from her previous album Blackout that fits in well on this album. The deluxe edition has two more songs; "Rock Me In" and "Phonography" which are also good. I also like her Blackout and Femme Fatale albums, and her Femme Fatale Tour concert. Her 90s album ...Baby One More Time is on my 90s Music blog.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beyoncé - I Am...Sasha Fierce

I Am...Sasha Fierce

This is a very good album by Beyoncé and one of my current favorites. Beyoncé's voice sounds strong on all songs. The album has two disc. Disc 1 has the more slower songs and disc 2 more uptempo songs. "Halo" and "Ave Maria" are my two favorite songs from Disc 1. Other songs on disc 1 are "If I Were a Boy", "Disappear", "Broken-Hearted Girl", and "Satellites". Disc 2 songs "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)", "Radio", "Diva", "Sweet Dreams", and "Video Phone" are all impressive and fun to listen to. The deluxe edition has five additional songs: "Smash Into You", "That's Why You're Beautiful", "Hello", "Ego", and "Scared of Lonely". I also like The Beyoncé Experience Live concert.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler

This is Kellie Pickler's second album of country music after her debut of Small Town Girl in 2006. The album has more good country music. My favorite song is "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You". Other songs here are "Don't You Know You're Beautiful", "I'm Your Woman", "Rocks Instead of Rice", "One Last Time", "Best Days of Your Life", "Somebody to Love Me", "Makin' Me Fall in Love Again", and "Going Out in Style". I also like her debut Small Town Girl album from 2006, 100 Proof, and The Woman I Am albums.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chant: Music for the Soul

Chant: Music For The Soul

From 2008, Chant: Music for the Soul is a Gregorian chant album by the Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz. It is the most peaceful music, and unlike anything you will hear. The entire album is beautifully done and you will want to hear it all.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whitesnake - Good to Be Bad

Good to Be Bad

From 2008, Good to Be Bad is a very strong hard rock album by Whitesnake. Some of my favorite songs are "Best Years", "Can You Hear the Wind Blow", "Call on Me", "Good to Be Bad", "All for Love", "Lay Down Your Love", A Fool in Love", and "Got What You Need". I also have their Definitive Collection album on my 80s Music blog.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Madonna - Hard Candy

Hard Candy

This 2008 album by Madonna has really great music with many fun to listen to songs. My favorite is "Heartbeat". Other songs I like are "Candy Shop", "Give It 2 Me", "She's Not Me", "Incredible", "Spanish Lesson", "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You", and "Voices". I also like her Sweet & Sticky Tour concert. The Immaculate Collection album is on my 80s Music blog. It has many of her popular songs from the 80s and later.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bianca Ryan

Bianca Ryan

Bianca Ryan has an amazing voice for someone only 12 years old. This is a great debut album. "You Light Up My Life" is my favorite song. Other songs I like are "Rose", "Awake", "I Believe I Can Fly", "I Will", "I Wish That", "Pray for a Better Day", and "Why Couldn't It Be Christmas Everyday".

Friday, February 29, 2008

Janet Jackson - Discipline


Janet Jackson is one of my favorite music artists. This is her tenth studio album. The songs on Discipline are pop and R&B music. Some of my favorites are "Feedback", "Rollercoaster", "Rock With U", "2Nite", and "So Much Betta". I also like the title song "Discipline". The deluxe edition also has The Photo Shoot, The Recording Studio, Rehearsal, The Making of the "Feedback" Video, and the "Feedback" Video. A great concert of Janet is Live in Hawaii. It is on my 80s Music blog.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Back to Black

This Amy Winehouse album is one of the best albums I have come across in a long time. Back to Black is an album of classic sounding jazz, soul songs, with jazzy and soulful singing by Amy Winehouse. Some of my favorite songs are "Rehab", "Back to Black", "Wake Up Alone", "You Know I'm No Good", and "Me & Mr Jones". I also like her I Told You I Was Trouble: Amy Winehouse Live in London concert.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ringo Starr - Liverpool 8

Liverpool 8

Ringo Starr's 2008 album Liverpool 8 is a good album of rock music. The title song "Liverpool 8" is my favorite on the album. Others songs here I like are "For Love", "Gone Are the Days", "Harry's Song", "Pasodobles", and "R U Ready?".

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kellie Pickler - Small Town Girl

Small Town Girl

This is the debut country album by country singer Kellie Pickler. It is a fun to listen to album for country music fans. My favorite song is "Gotta Keep Moving". Other songs I like are "Red High Heels", "Small Town Girl", and "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You". I also like her second album Kellie Pickler, 100 Proof, and The Woman I Am albums.

Britney Spears - Blackout


This 2007 album by Britney Spears has a lot of fun pop, electropop songs, like "Gimme More", "Piece of Me", "Radar", "Break the Ice", "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)", and "Ooh Ooh Baby". I also like her Circus and Femme Fatale albums, and her Femme Fatale Tour concert. Her 90s album ...Baby One More Time is on my 90s Music blog.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sia - Some People Have Real Problems

Some People Have Real Problems

Sia is an Australian pop singer. Her voice is really soulful. Some People Have Real Problems is her 2008 album. Some of my favorite songs are "Little Black Sandals", "Lentil", "Academia", "Day Too Soon", "Playground", and "Lullaby". I also like her We Are Born, 1000 Forms of Fear, and This Is Acting albums.

Feist - The Reminder

The Reminder

Canadian singer Feist has a beautiful voice. Her 2007 album The Reminder is an album of indie pop and folk rock. Some of my favorite songs are "I Feel It All", "My Moon My Man", "The Water", "Sealion", "Intuition", and "Honey Honey".

Once [Soundtrack]

Once [Soundtrack]

This is an impressive soundtrack of the 2006 Irish musical film. It has great vocals, guitar playing, and pianos, with songs by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, and "Gold" by Interference. My favorite song is "Fallen from the Sky". Some other songs I like are "Falling Slowly", "If You Want Me", "The Hill", "Trying to Pull Myself Away", and "Say It to Me Now".